About Group Gifting

Currently, people can join GiftCrowd gifts from anywhere in the world. However, gift cards ordered through GiftCrowd are only valid in the US and, in some instances, Canada. (Please refer to the terms and conditions as well as redemption instructions for each card).
Please check your spam folder and mark the email as safe. When you use the Forgot Password option, the email you enter must match the email address associated with your GiftCrowd account. No email will be sent if the entered email address does not match an existing account.
Group gifting is the ability of several individuals to pull their resources together and buy a gift for someone. Common use cases for purchasing group gifts include end-of-year or end-of-season teacher and coach gifts, birthday gifts, and work colleague gifts, whether for weddings, bridal and baby showers, housewarmings, farewells, or simply because someone needs support.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at contact@giftcrowd.com. We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible, 7 days a week.
Yes, GiftCrowd is free to use.
Not only does GiftCrowd make gifting easy to organize, but it's also free and convenient!
GiftCrowd is the most convenient way to give gifts as a group. Anyone can start a gift, decide who the recipient is, and choose a delivery date. Then, they can invite others to join! Every invitee can join the gift and include a personal greeting. On the target date, the recipient will receive a notification and access to the gift. They can then read the greetings, send thank you notes, and choose how to redeem the collected amount into one or more gift cards from hundreds of brands.

Buying Gifts

Uploaded images must be jpg, jpeg, gif, or png. For better results, please use images in landscape format with a 2:3 height/width ratio.
No, you do not need to sign up to join a gift. Just enter the name you want to be shown on the gift, the email address where we can send the receipt and notifications, and include a greeting (optional). Once you add your contribution using a debit or a credit card, PayPal, or Venmo, you are all set! If you join gifts through a gifting page, add all the gifts you want to join into your cart and then pay for all of them together.
Yes, you can. As long as the gift was not yet sent, you can log into your GiftCrowd account, select the gift, and change your greeting. If you didn't have an account prior to joining the gift, please sign up using the same email address you used when you joined the gift.
No, GiftCrowd can be used whenever the need for convenient gifting arises, whether for group or individual gifting.
Yes, GiftCrowd offers a first-of-its-kind solution that's specifically tailored for teacher gifting. It is already being used by hundreds of K-12 schools across the country.
Please ensure that the email address provided for the gift recipient is accurate. If it is correct, please ask the recipient to check their spam folder.
GiftCrowd does not charge anything for the use of its services. However, depending on the method of payment gift participants might be charged payment processing fees. Also, when gift recipients choose pre-paid cards, these might charge an activation fee.
With GiftCrowd, gift creators or participants don't need to know exactly what the recipient wants. After all, it's the gift recipient who chooses how to redeem the collected amount into one or more gift cards — and they'll have their choice of hundreds of brands.
Yes. You can create a GiftCrowd gift and not invite anyone else to participate. The gift recipient will still be able to choose their preferred gift card(s) out of hundreds of options. To do that, please select the “Only me” option when you create a gift.
Whoever created the gift can decide whether to show the individual contributions or the total amount collected. When joining gifts through a gifting page, the text at the top of the page will mention whether individual contributions will be shown or not.
Yes, you can! To modify the greeting, please log in to your GiftCrowd account. If you joined a gift before you created your GiftCrowd account, please register for GiftCrowd using the same email address you provided when you joined the gift.
When you join a gift, you can contribute using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, or Venmo.
Yes, international credit and debit cards are accepted, subject to the applicable validation.
No, just like when you purchase a gift card as a gift, contributions are non-refundable.
Please get in touch with our support team at contact@giftcrowd.com and let them know the incorrect email address used and the correct one so they can fix this for you.
All gift participants are notified via email when the gift is delivered to its intended recipient and when the recipient opens the gift.
You can increase the amount you contributed to a gift at any time before the gift collection ends. To do that, join the gift a second time using the same email address you used when joining the first time. When prompted, choose to increase your previous contribution.
Gifts can be set up to show the individual contribution amounts to the gift recipient. When this option is turned off, gift recipients can only see the names of contributors but not the individual amount. No one will be able to see how much you contributed.
You can easily invite the same group of people to join several gifts by saving the gift participants you invited to the first gift as a group. Then, you can use the invite group option in the other gift and select the same group. Please note that you can still edit the list of gift invitees and add and remove invitees.
Your personal greeting will only be shown to the gift recipient. Only the gift recipient will be able to see it.

Receiving Gifts

Please go to https://balance.vanillagift.com/#/ and enter your card details‪.
Once a card has been ordered, GiftCrowd no longer has access, tracking, or control of that card. For any assistance with using that card, please get in touch with the respective merchant.
It may take up to 30 minutes for someone to receive a regifted gift, so be patient!
People buy gift cards when they are unsure which gift the recipient might want. Gift cards take the pressure off and leave the selection to the recipient. GiftCrowd has taken this approach a step further. With GiftCrowd, recipients not only choose the product they want but also select the brand and store themselves. The number of gift selection options is endless!
With over 400 gift card options, GiftCrowd offers an extensive selection of cards. You can see the full, up-to-date list at https://www.giftcrowd.com/cards.
Yes, you can buy a gift card online using a credit card. While purchasing a GiftCrowd gift means purchasing a single gift card from your end, you're actually allowing the recipient to choose their preferred card from over 400 options. They can even split their gift amount across as many cards as they want.
Thanks to its broad selection of cards and rich gift giving and receiving functionality, GiftCrowd provides the best options with the most convenient user experience.
At GiftCrowd, we know that everyone's different and has unique tastes. That's why we allow gift recipients to turn their gift into the gift card(s) of their choice and offer over 400 cards to pick from. With GiftCrowd, recipients always receive the gift they want, and gift participants don't have to stress about choosing the perfect gift.
Every gift card has its own redemption instructions. Please refer to them before ordering a card.
Gift cards ordered through GiftCrowd cannot be traced
No, gift cards ordered via GiftCrowd cannot be exchanged for cash
Yes, after you order a gift card, you can send it to any email address you want.
Generally, gift cards do not expire. Please check the terms and conditions of the relevant brand prior to ordering
Every gift recipient can choose how to redeem their gift amount into one or more cards from hundreds of brands. A single gift can be redeemed into multiple cards. Every card selected is sent via email and is ready to use right away.
In most cases, gift cards oredered through GiftCrowd can only be used in the United States. Please refer to the card's terms and conditions and redemption instructions before ordering
While most gift cards ordered via GiftCrowd can be used both online and in physical stores, please check the redemption instructions of the relevant brand prior to ordering
The purchases made using gift cards might be taxable, and the tax will be included in the total purchase amount. Please refer to federal, state, and local taxation laws
Generaly, no activation fees are charged. The only exception is VISA Vanilla cards, which incur a fixed activation fee
No, once issued, no additional funds can be loaded onto a VISA Vanilla card
No, just like in stores, once ordered, gift cards are non-refundable
In most cases, gift cards ordered via GiftCrowd are delivered momentarily. However, it can sometimes take longer. In such cases, the ordered card will show a Pending status.
Gift cards ordered through GiftCrowd are sent momentarily to the email address associated with your GiftCrowd account. You can also access the cards you ordered listed under the gift that you redeemed into those cards

Teacher Gifting

Yes, to hide the total amount collected for the gift from gift participants, please check the "Do not show the overall amount collected to participants" box.
Yes, to limit the maximum amount of each contributor to a gift, please specify that amount in "Limit maximum contribution to." Please note that this functionality is currently only available for gifts included in gifting events.
To hide the amount of individual contributions in individual gifts, please check the "Do not show the individual contribution amounts to the gift recipient" box. For gifts that are part of a gifting event, uncheck the "Show the individual contribution amount to the gift recipient" box.
As the parent organization that created a gifting event, you can see how much was collected for every gift as well as how many individuals joined each gift. However, you cannot see who joined the gift or how much each individual contributed
When joining an individual gift that is not part of a gifting event page, the minimum contribution amount is $5. When joining a gift through a gifting event page using the cart, the minimum contribution per gift is $2, but the total cart amount must be at least $5
Yes, you can. You'll need to create a team gift on your gifting page and enter the names of all the recipients included in the gift. While families will see it as a single gift they only need to join once, the gift will be automatically split evenly between its recipients as soon as the gift collection ends. Every recipient will be able to see all the messages and choose how to redeem their gift to the gift card(s) of their choice. You can decide whether to create one gift for all the teachers and other staff members or make team gifts for smaller groups of recipients. For example, you may create a gift group for the office staff, custodians, or PE teachers.

Gifting several recipients - Gifting Events

Yes, the list of gift recipients carries over from one gifting event to the next. All you have to do is add new staff members, remove those who left, and modify roles and email addresses if they have changed.
Gifting events are used when collecting several gifts for different individuals. (For example, you might create a gifting event when collecting gifts for the whole school staff or a head coach and an assistant coach.) The collection of all the gifts included in the event will end simultaneously, and every recipient will receive their gift. They'll then be able to see the greetings, send thank you notes, and choose how to redeem their gift into their favorite gift card(s).
Yes, you can create a gift that will be automatically split evenly between a group of recipients. To do that, make a Team gift and list all the gift recipients who will be part of that team. Users will be able to join the gift. The collected amount will be split as soon as the collection ends, and every recipient will receive their share of the gift.
GiftCrowd enables you to create gifting events in which you can list several gift recipients. For example, you might include several teachers from a school or a head coach and an assistant coach in a gifting event. A unique link will be created to your gifting event's page, and gift invitees can easily join several (or all) of the gifts on this page.