The stress-free teacher gifting solution

With GiftCrowd, you don’t have to worry about collecting and handling funds, and teachers always get a gift they enjoy — because they choose their own gifts from hundreds of online and physical stores. Hassle-free for organizers and parents, delightful for teachers, and free to use — GiftCrowd takes the headache out of teacher gifting.

How Teacher Gifting Works

GiftCrowd is convenient and flexible for parents, parent organizations, and classroom parents because everything is automated and online. GiftCrowd handles and tracks all gift contributions and greetings. Gifts are delivered to teachers directly by GiftCrowd.

Create your
gifts page

Enter the list of teachers and staff you wish to gift along with a deadline for parent contributions.


Share your gifts page link with parents so they can contribute if they wish.

chip in

Parents contribute to the gifts they wish and include their own personalized greetings for individual teachers or staff.

Recipients choose gifts they love

Teachers and staff each receive an email with their personalized greetings and gift amount. Teachers can choose how to redeem the amount they received into gifts of their choice from hundreds of leading brands. They can split the amount across several different brands if they wish. They can even send personalized thank-you notes online – making the entire experience fun and easy.

Choose from hundreds of gift cards

Teacher gifts are just the beginning

Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful teacher gift idea or the easiest way to organize a group gift for a colleague, coach or friend, GiftCrowd has you covered. Our huge selection of retailers ensures any recipient will find something they love.

Hundreds of brands and services to choose from

GiftCrowd lets your gift recipient shop from a selection of over 400 top brands like Amazon, Visa, Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Nordstrom, Home Goods, Lowe’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Athleta, and for services like Spotify, Airbnb, Twitch, Google Play, and Hulu. There’s something for everyone.

Why parents love GiftCrowd

GiftCrowd is the ideal way to bring the community together to show teachers & staff just how much you appreciate them.

Group Gifting Tips And Inspiration

Looking for the most thoughtful way to show your gratitude to school teachers, family, friends, coaches, or business partners? We’ve got great gifting ideas for holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

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