Buying gifts

Yes, you can! To modify the greeting, please log in to your GiftCrowd account. If you joined a gift before you created your GiftCrowd account, please register for GiftCrowd using the same email address you provided when you joined the gift.
When you join a gift, you can contribute using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, or Venmo.
Yes, international credit and debit cards are accepted, subject to the applicable validation.
No, just like when you purchase a gift card as a gift, contributions are non-refundable.
Please get in touch with our support team at and let them know the incorrect email address used and the correct one so they can fix this for you.
All gift participants are notified via email when the gift is delivered to its intended recipient and when the recipient opens the gift.
You can increase the amount you contributed to a gift at any time before the gift collection ends. To do that, join the gift a second time using the same email address you used when joining the first time. When prompted, choose to increase your previous contribution.
Gifts can be set up to show the individual contribution amounts to the gift recipient. When this option is turned off, gift recipients can only see the names of contributors but not the individual amount. No one will be able to see how much you contributed.
You can easily invite the same group of people to join several gifts by saving the gift participants you invited to the first gift as a group. Then, you can use the invite group option in the other gift and select the same group. Please note that you can still edit the list of gift invitees and add and remove invitees.
Your personal greeting will only be shown to the gift recipient. Only the gift recipient will be able to see it.