Buying gifts

Uploaded images must be jpg, jpeg, gif, or png. For better results, please use images in landscape format with a 2:3 height/width ratio.
No, you do not need to sign up to join a gift. Just enter the name you want to be shown on the gift, the email address where we can send the receipt and notifications, and include a greeting (optional). Once you add your contribution using a debit or a credit card, PayPal, or Venmo, you are all set! If you join gifts through a gifting page, add all the gifts you want to join into your cart and then pay for all of them together.
Yes, you can. As long as the gift was not yet sent, you can log into your GiftCrowd account, select the gift, and change your greeting. If you didn't have an account prior to joining the gift, please sign up using the same email address you used when you joined the gift.
No, GiftCrowd can be used whenever the need for convenient gifting arises, whether for group or individual gifting.
Yes, GiftCrowd offers a first-of-its-kind solution that's specifically tailored for teacher gifting. It is already being used by hundreds of K-12 schools across the country.
Please ensure that the email address provided for the gift recipient is accurate. If it is correct, please ask the recipient to check their spam folder.
Using GiftCrowd is free of charge as we don't charge gift participants or recipients any fees. Note that pre-paid cards charge an activation fee.
With GiftCrowd, gift creators or participants don't need to know exactly what the recipient wants. After all, it's the gift recipient who chooses how to redeem the collected amount into one or more gift cards — and they'll have their choice of hundreds of brands.
Yes. You can create a GiftCrowd gift and not invite anyone else to participate. The gift recipient will still be able to choose their preferred gift card(s) out of hundreds of options. To do that, please select the “Only me” option when you create a gift.
Whoever created the gift can decide whether to show the individual contributions or the total amount collected. When joining gifts through a gifting page, the text at the top of the page will mention whether individual contributions will be shown or not.