Teacher gifting

Yes, to hide the total amount collected for the gift from gift participants, please check the "Do not show the overall amount collected to participants" box.
Yes, to limit the maximum amount of each contributor to a gift, please specify that amount in "Limit maximum contribution to." Please note that this functionality is currently only available for gifts included in gifting events.
To hide the amount of individual contributions in individual gifts, please check the "Do not show the individual contribution amounts to the gift recipient" box. For gifts that are part of a gifting event, uncheck the "Show the individual contribution amount to the gift recipient" box.
As the parent organization that created a gifting event, you can see how much was collected for every gift as well as how many individuals joined each gift. However, you cannot see who joined the gift or how much each individual contributed
When joining an individual gift that is not part of a gifting event page, the minimum contribution amount is $5. When joining a gift through a gifting event page using the cart, the minimum contribution per gift is $2, but the total cart amount must be at least $5
Yes, you can. You'll need to create a team gift on your gifting page and enter the names of all the recipients included in the gift. While families will see it as a single gift they only need to join once, the gift will be automatically split evenly between its recipients as soon as the gift collection ends. Every recipient will be able to see all the messages and choose how to redeem their gift to the gift card(s) of their choice. You can decide whether to create one gift for all the teachers and other staff members or make team gifts for smaller groups of recipients. For example, you may create a gift group for the office staff, custodians, or PE teachers.