Receiving gifts

Please go to and enter your card details‚Ä™.
Once a card has been ordered, GiftCrowd no longer has access, tracking, or control of that card. For any assistance with using that card, please get in touch with the respective merchant.
It may take up to 30 minutes for someone to receive a regifted gift, so be patient!
People buy gift cards when they are unsure which gift the recipient might want. Gift cards take the pressure off and leave the selection to the recipient. GiftCrowd has taken this approach a step further. With GiftCrowd, recipients not only choose the product they want but also select the brand and store themselves. The number of gift selection options is endless!
With over 400 gift card options, GiftCrowd offers an extensive selection of cards. You can see the full, up-to-date list at
Yes, you can buy a gift card online using a credit card. While purchasing a GiftCrowd gift means purchasing a single gift card from your end, you're actually allowing the recipient to choose their preferred card from over 400 options. They can even split their gift amount across as many cards as they want.
Thanks to its broad selection of cards and rich gift giving and receiving functionality, GiftCrowd provides the best options with the most convenient user experience.
At GiftCrowd, we know that everyone's different and has unique tastes. That's why we allow gift recipients to turn their gift into the gift card(s) of their choice and offer over 400 cards to pick from. With GiftCrowd, recipients always receive the gift they want, and gift participants don't have to stress about choosing the perfect gift.
Every gift card has its own redemption instructions. Please refer to them before ordering a card.
Gift cards ordered through GiftCrowd cannot be traced