Gifting several recipients - Gifting Events

Yes, the list of gift recipients carries over from one gifting event to the next. All you have to do is add new staff members, remove those who left, and modify roles and email addresses if they have changed.
Gifting events are used when collecting several gifts for different individuals. (For example, you might create a gifting event when collecting gifts for the whole school staff or a head coach and an assistant coach.) The collection of all the gifts included in the event will end simultaneously, and every recipient will receive their gift. They'll then be able to see the greetings, send thank you notes, and choose how to redeem their gift into their favorite gift card(s).
Yes, you can create a gift that will be automatically split evenly between a group of recipients. To do that, make a Team gift and list all the gift recipients who will be part of that team. Users will be able to join the gift. The collected amount will be split as soon as the collection ends, and every recipient will receive their share of the gift.
GiftCrowd enables you to create gifting events in which you can list several gift recipients. For example, you might include several teachers from a school or a head coach and an assistant coach in a gifting event. A unique link will be created to your gifting event's page, and gift invitees can easily join several (or all) of the gifts on this page.